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All About Barbados Summer Arts Festival

The Holetown Festival commemorates the anniversary of the first settlement of Barbados at Holetownin February 1627.
The week-long festival begins in mid-February with the opening celebrations taking place at the Holetown Monument.
Art is about the core elements of our lives, manifested in what we see, hear, taste, make, read and write, wear, and how we move.

What We See:

What We Write:


What We Hear:

Crop Over - Pan in Btown

What We Make:


What We Eat:


What We Wear:


Style by l space

How We Move:


The festival highlights local arts and crafts as well as Barbadian culture and history, and events typically include:

Local tuk band playing at the Holetown Festival in Barbados
  • historical lectures
  • fashion show
  • beauty contest
  • street parade with¬†tuk band
  • tattoo show
  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • theatrical presentations
  • sporting events
  • antique car parade

It is the creative footprint that becomes the discernible difference between people of different countries and experiences. It is a unique cultural trademark and the magnet that draws us to explore the corners of the world in search of those aspects of life that make us different from each other.

It is the goal of the Barbados Summer Arts Festival to encourage the celebration of these seven elements that reflect our cultural identity and as we do so, to foster their development, allowing gainful and sustainable development for their practitioners.
Time Remaining:

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Advantages of Steel frames

A great number of construction companies exploit steel frames for building infrastructure since steel frames offer a lot of benefits. The strength of the building depends on the material used in the building.

The advantages of a steel frame construction are as:

1. Steel construction is mostly carried out with a specific type of steel called mild steel.

2. The mild steel is a strong, long-lasting, resilient and durable material. This type of steel is a good choice for the construction of a building. You can know about the various advantages of steel frames via http://www.practiceconstruction.com/.

3. Another great feature or quality of steel frames is flexibility. This can be twisted without cracking it. The steel building bends in case of a heavy wind or earthquake.

4. Many construction companies use the steel frames as they are known for their plasticity or ductility.

5. These steel frames do not disintegrate like a glass. Instead, it will just twist and crook slowly and will take new shape.

6. Steel buildings tend to bend out of shape or deform and distort giving the inhabitants and residents enough time to evacuate the building.

7. Steel framed buildings do not collapse or break-down and can take the jerks of earthquakes providing the inhabitants more protection.

8. One of the biggest advantages of steel frame is its low weight. As a matter of fact, the steel frames are the least heavy material that is used in the construction of building.

Diatomaceous Earth – The Most Complete Food

You will discover different weight control plans of 100% quality formulas, exercise techniques or dietary supplements available. All these give a protected option to stay aware of a healthy way of life. However, not each one of such things is regularly as simple and easy to be taken care of by the human body as expending nourishment review diatomaceous earth (otherwise called DE).

Diatomaceous earth is made from little phytoplankton. Seas and lakes are well off in diatoms, the minuscule plants diatomaceous earth comprises of. The last stock could be promptly utilized after it's unearthed from the ocean quaint little inns adequately through right strategies.

It comprises of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and all the more significantly silica, the follow mineral which has an immediate association with the assimilation of minerals, which is so essential for the human body to stay healthy. The minerals in DE will enhance real procedures and supply better general wellbeing. To know more about diatomaceous earth you can click here diatomaceousearth.co.

The diatomaceous earth can work both like a digestive aid and also as a perfect cleanser. It expels the intestinal worms and undesirable life forms at whatever point nourishment review diatomaceous earth is devoured in proposed sums.

By doing this, the nutrition gained from foods is absorbed effectively, this way decreasing the chances of going through heartburn and encouraging healthy, normal bowel movements.

How to Make Your Brand Name Unique

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Why is it That You Will Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

In case you have air conditioning installed in your building then you need to make sure that regular air conditioning maintenance is conducted.

There are plenty of main reasons why regular air conditioning maintenance is really important before its undertaken you must be sure that your air conditioning engineer is fully qualified and will provide you with all the correct paperwork to prove that the system is fit for use. Air Conditioning Byron Bay at Northern Rivers provides the top quality air conditioning services.

Image result

In public like offices it is important to know what the regulations surrounding safe practices are and exactly how often maintenance checks on all the parts in the building should be carried out to make sure that health and safety rules are being followed.

Once you have employed the assistance of a qualified air conditioning maintenance engineer they will be able to undertake regular checks and provide you the appropriate paperwork to demonstrate that your checks are actually undertaken correctly.

One of the main reasons that safety checks and maintenance ought to be carried out is to maintain your air conditioning system in the best condition. When the system is regularly maintained and potential issues will be flagged up and parts replaced before the system stops working which saves both cash and time.

Regular maintenance does mean there's less deterioration of mechanical parts as smooth running puts less pressure onto the components throughout the air conditioning system, which will  mean that the device will last longer.

Get Closer to Know Well Self Directed IRA

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Talking about a good plan for our old days, IRA is the smart to answer we can choose to make sure that we can bring a brighter future for our old days. Of course, we know well that IRA smart choice for a retiree to plan their old days and set the brighter days for their old days. And one of the wise IRA account we should think about is the self-directed IRA. This IRA account type is the best account we can set to make our own decision.

The self-directed IRA is the type of IRA which can make us easily to permits the owner of the account to invest their IRA based on what they know best. So in the other words, we can choose freely by our own choice to pick the best IRA and invest in a way that we want it without any investment restrictions imposed by a more traditional brokerage style account.

Why self-directed IRA is the best choice

Based on the fact that we can decide by our own to invest IRA according to our wish will make us easily to take control our future plan in a good way ad transparent. You know that sometimes when we want to invest our IRA, we often get lots of prevention which make us not comfortable with the last decision. So by choosing self-directed IRA we can take control for our own IRA account and make sure everything is good.

It can make us plan the future in a wiser and smart way. We can’t deny that taking control in planning our own future will be the crucial way we should take. You know that sometimes we are the only one who takes control of the wheels and make sure that we can get what we want. So basically, this is what self-directed IRA wants to offer you. By picking this type you can bring your future to the brighter way.

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The Best Family Counseling Techniques

As far as family counseling is considered, it has different principles but at the same time, it holds communication in its core values.

The therapists or counselors do not patch a marriage or give solutions to family squabbles but they help family and spouses communicate properly. They help resolve communication conflicts, gaps, and views between parents and children. If there are frequent problems in your family, you may go for premarital counseling at http://www.parmlaniado.com/ and find a solution to them.

If your family is facing some difficulties, below are some techniques employed by therapists that you can use to work out issues within your family:

Image result for Best Family Counseling

1) Family Floor Plan

Parents are usually asked to draw the family tree and give information on family members. Some basic facts and points about the past may be meaningful for present problems.

2) "I" Statements

Instead of putting the blame on others, family members are asked to change statements from "he makes me angry" to "I am angry…" This gives them control of the emotions that they are experiencing.

3) Reframing

This means taking a statement out of its usual context and trying to see other causes or theories related to the statement. This is to give an alternative perspective regarding an issue. For example, a father who often asks about his daughter's relationship may be construed as meddling or it can mean concern.

4) Communication Building

Less than effective communication can result in many issues and problems within the family. Communication techniques such as reflecting on feelings, listening, and taking turns in speaking and talking about each member's own feelings are encouraged within the family.

Which kayak is right for me?

There are numerous places – both online and offline – where you can buy kayaks. But do you know what type of kayak you are looking for? First you need to do your research and decide what sort of kayak it is that you want to buy before you just go out and get one.

There are countless online places that you can visit or just about any department or retail store you walk into offers kayaks of some sort. Needless to say, there are specialized sporting goods shops that sell a variety of different kayaks. You can contact with surfboard builder and buy one for you.

In any case, it is recommended that you do good research in regards to the purchase of a kayak. Because there are so many different styles and models that you can buy, being confused about what to pay money for can more than devastate you.

Here are some important things to keep in mind. You need to know about the material that it is made out of as well as who is the manufacturer.

Remember that different kayaks have different purposes. Know in advance which style and size you are looking at. For example, you do not want to buy a kayak that is designed for surfing and try to use it in whitewater. This can cause two things: a bad experience and one that could be extremely risky as well.

Adding Solid Foods in Infant Nutrition

We all know that for a newborn the nutrient needs are well met by breast milk or baby formula feed. But when he grows older then he needs some carbohydrates and vitamins for development.

Generally, the six month old is handles to sit upright with support, observe a spoon with food coming towards mouth, open it when looking forward to the food and move the meals from the spoon to swallow.

The intestinal system is developed enough to digest new foods that includes vitamin and minerals. The first solid food is usually iron-fortified newborn rice cereal mixed with breast milk or baby formula. Few people are sensitive to rice and it is easily digested, so it makes a great choice for a first food. Barley cereal and a few teaspoons of breasts milk of formula. You can also search on the web to know more about holle infant formula feed

If you are away or short of budget then you can also prefer to prepare your own kids foods rather than buying refined or commercial foods in stores. You ought to be cautious in your food selection because some natural foods contain lots of sugar and starch.

Do not put infant cereal or any other solid into a bottle or infant feeder. It will affect the child's natural ability to obtain the appropriate amount of one's from the milk feed.