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All About Barbados Summer Arts Festival

The Holetown Festival commemorates the anniversary of the first settlement of Barbados at Holetownin February 1627.
The week-long festival begins in mid-February with the opening celebrations taking place at the Holetown Monument.
Art is about the core elements of our lives, manifested in what we see, hear, taste, make, read and write, wear, and how we move.

What We See:

What We Write:


What We Hear:

Crop Over - Pan in Btown

What We Make:


What We Eat:


What We Wear:


Style by l space

How We Move:


The festival highlights local arts and crafts as well as Barbadian culture and history, and events typically include:

Local tuk band playing at the Holetown Festival in Barbados
  • historical lectures
  • fashion show
  • beauty contest
  • street parade with¬†tuk band
  • tattoo show
  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • theatrical presentations
  • sporting events
  • antique car parade

It is the creative footprint that becomes the discernible difference between people of different countries and experiences. It is a unique cultural trademark and the magnet that draws us to explore the corners of the world in search of those aspects of life that make us different from each other.

It is the goal of the Barbados Summer Arts Festival to encourage the celebration of these seven elements that reflect our cultural identity and as we do so, to foster their development, allowing gainful and sustainable development for their practitioners.
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Best Automotive Services In Sydney – Blacktown Mechanics

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DNA Testing & It’s Uses In Todays Society

A DNA test is done to get vital facts or information about a crime, to prove the innocence and guilt of someone or trace family ancestry. DNA is used in paternity testing and genetic testing as well.

Let's cover how DNA is useful across different strata.

DNA and Forensic Science

In forensic science, DNA fingerprinting is used widely. It is used to find the match of the suspect of a crime using the sample of semen, saliva, blood, hair etc. There are different methods to do DNA fingerprinting. You can even get the information about the latest techniques used for DNA testing by searching Upstate DNA Testing online.

Image result for images of DNA testing

These methods are amplified fragment length polymorphism (AmpFLP), short tandem repeats (STR), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and RFLP analysis.

DNA and Paternity Test

The DNA paternity test is done to prove whether a child is the daughter or son of a person by making a comparison of the DNA of both the parents. There are different companies that provide services for paternity testing.

Generally, there are three kinds of testing companies that offer the test. The first kind are those companies which specialize in testing and have their own testing lab to perform the test.

DNA and Genetic Disorders

These days, genetic testing are done using DNA analysis to test for various illness, diseases, ancestry and many other things. Genetic test is the DNA analysis from the human body.

In our DNA, there are various strands of code relating to hair color, height, eye color and of other related parts. It also consists of information related with illness and disease. 

An Ideal Gift for Any Celebration: Hampers / Gift Baskets

Hampers have obtained huge popularity when they are available in a large collection and is generally selected based on the interest and also tastes of the receiver. It's possible to get hand-crafted gift baskets starting from chocolate gift baskets to baby gift baskets.

There are various events when even well-meaning gift givers are confused at the very thought of giving to people they just don't know well enough. However, gift baskets are easy to select from for close acquaintances as well as corporate clientele, colleagues and also superiors. You can also look Delicious Buds to get the tasty chocolate baskets. 

These hampers range from generic to personalize and custom made items. They are suitable for a number of occasions, and the popular types are listed here:

Chocolate Gift Baskets: chocolate is synonymous with celebration, love and romance. They are the best way to express your love and heartfelt greetings for a special someone. The baskets can contain an assortment of milk, white and dark chocolates with nuts, raisins, fruits or crackers in many different sizes.

Baby gift baskets: To welcome the new addition to the family, baby gift baskets are ideal. Depending on whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, the basket may be filled with a theme based candy, gourmet jelly beans, a few toys for the infant and a piggy bank.

Festive Gift Baskets: As mentioned earlier, gift baskets are well suited for a wide array of occasions, which includes popular holidays and festivals. The items included in such hampers are sparkling fruit juices, roasted or spiced nuts like cashews, walnuts, dates and almonds, coffee, apricots and natural honey. 

How To Pick The Appropriate Estate Planning Lawyer

If you've thought of drafting a will, you likely have a lot of questions. Most people want to know if this is something they can do themselves, and while that answer is sometimes yes, it's usually better to use the expertise of estate planning attorneys. How can someone just starting the process know which firm to hire, however? Before deciding which attorney to use, ask these questions.

How Long Has The Firm Been Working As Estate Attorneys?

When crafting a will and other documents, it's a good idea to have a firm that's experienced. Experienced estate planning lawyers will know which documents are required and can recommend others for your specific circumstances. One can also check out http://www.voyantlegal.com to consult a best legal attorney.

Look for a firm with more than 10 years of experience and, if possible, look for attorneys who have been designated 'Super Lawyers.' These lawyers have received special recognition from their peers and have a reputation for being the best of the best.

Also, ask how much business is brought in by estate attorneys. A firm made up mostly of estate planning lawyers will be a better choice than one that focuses primarily on other aspects of the law. It's okay if the firm handles other types of cases, just check to make sure they have the necessary experience to help you with your documents.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some firms have a set price, while others charge by the hour. Before signing a contract, get written notice of the fees. Make sure it matches what you've been told so you don't face surprises later on. If you're only given an estimate, find out what happens if the total cost exceeds the estimate.

Beauty of vinyl tablecloths on your dining table

Going by the considerable sales margins of various tablecloths in the market, you might think that the era of home decor is upon us. The fact of the matter is that you are not entirely wrong. People have been able to place a lot of importance on how the others perceive them, and having good home decor is a single step in that direction. Most of the people have now gone for purchasing vinyl tablecloths, one of the most costly items in the home decor and using them in their own dining room.

The use of vinyl tablecloths happens to be indiscriminate in its beauty, and it can certainly bring about a lot of shine to the entire dining room. However, you also have to be careful about not causing any external damage to the surface of the vinyl tablecloths. It is shiny, mainly due to an oily surface that can get rid of any food or oil spills by simply making use of a damp rag. However, any kind of knife marks or any other sharp edges applied to the vinyl tablecloths will leave a mark that is not going to look wonderful. So, you need to be careful in the use of this beautiful tablecloth.

Get Credible Career Coaching For Right Path in Life Through Online Medium

In today's competitive market everyone wants to make money, but for increasing profit, you have to hard work. Sometimes, many business owners and professionals get depressed and face psychological problem due to bad professional life. At that time, you need a counselor to overcome the entire psychological problems. You can go through oneworldexecutivesearch.com/ to know about credible career coaching.

Image result for career guidance

The main reason for referring a counselor is that most of the business owners give their precious time to their business for growth and in-between; they are unable to focus on their personal life.

 These problems push them to consult a counselor. If you are searching for a credible counselor for making your professional life better, then internet can help you and provide you, reliable counselor. It is the best way to change your busy and depressed life. Their executive career coach is expert in changing anything and will fill confidence in you to face any situation in your life. They will provide you personal and one-hour coaching. After their one-hour coaching session, you will:

See your issue in a completely new light and your path is clear

Have clarity, certainty, and confidence

Your inner knowing and intuition

Feel completely confident about your decision

Know exactly what you need to do next

Their life Career coaches will help you to overcome problems with your job and workplaces by helping you identify and achieve your ultimate career goals. They will introduce a range of innovative and interesting tools and techniques to help you gain the more clear idea of your goals.

Entrepreneur Traits for Timeless Success

Powerful Entrepreneur Traits are often overlooked by many would be company owners. People often wonder why they are not successful, when other, seemingly "less intelligent" people have tons of success in both their personal and business lives.

Powerful entrepreneurs often have things in common with each other, so it basically rocket science to determine which traits are typical to the success of these gifted people.

Let's Talk about Entrepreneur Traits for Success

Let's look at the 3 P's: Interest, Perseverance, and Persistence. Quite simply, you have to love what you are doing or will not be successful at it. If you love it, you'll quit, so that you need to keep working away at your goals even when times are SUPER HARD and looking dismal. You need to be persistent. If perhaps you are persistent, you will inevitably PERSEVERE. Which will is the goal.

Wonderful entrepreneurs like Paul Bola have Empathy for fellow man. They be familiar with struggles of up and coming internet marketers, and they are usually willing to help others accomplish their goals through mentoring. I enjoy this aspect of Network Marketing incidentally… makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Another good entrepreneur feature is a sense of fairness. Often times, business people believe in Karma in one form or another (what goes around comes, etc.), and just like they don't want to be screwed over, they have a tendency to avoid screwing over others.

The Versatility of Cargo Containers

Shipping containers are pretty versatile in their uses. These steel boxes are durable, weather resistant, mold and pest resistant, intact they are theft resistant, and they come in variable lengths to accommodate different cargos which lends itself pretty nicely when recycling these sweet steel building blocks.

Sure, shipping container houses are all the rage lately, and why not? The designs that have surfaced take home architecture to new heights in function and stylishness. From the simple weekend getaway cottage next to the lazy river in the woods, to the multi-family ultra-modern high-rise complex in a metropolis, these boxes are flexible to nearly any and each climate and setting. You can get Shipping Containers for Sale in Brisbane via various websites.

Image result for shipping container

From urban to suburban and rural homes, the innovative plans available for shipping container homes are amazing in their function and form. But is there any other use for a surplus shipping box? How about government use? We are all looking for techniques to save money and the government should be no different- what about using surplus shipping boxes for military use? The standardization of the boxes is perfect for many applications such as: 

  • Portable toilets for training sites or disaster sites.
  • Portable showers for large groups at trainer or disaster sites.
  • Portable command posts and temporary offices during crises or natural disasters.
  • Portable or provisional kitchens for training, terror, or disaster sites.
  • Underground and portable emergency shelters.

All About Hiring A Removal Company

or many individuals, moving to a new city or state is a very complicated process. The problem can simply be measured by the fact that shifting to a new house in the same city is so often considered to be such a hectic task, so how hard would moving to another city altogether turn out to be?

 As is obvious, the main perplexity faced by everyone who is relocating is regarding their furniture and personal homely belongings. These include stuff such as coolers, dispensers, televisions, beds, cupboards and all other types of furniture and stuff that is usually found in homes.

Because most people are unable to take it along with them, what they do is sell off everything they have purchased over the years and then start from scratch when the reach their new location.In order to avail services of professional removalists, you can navigate to www.ericbilstonremovals.com.au.

However, you don't need to do that now because these removals businesses offer you the perfect solution for all your relocation dilemmas. Removals companies offer all sorts of services which might make a person's relocation process as easy as possible by providing them with a variety of different services.

These range from packing services before relocation takes place to loading and delivering all of the stuff to your new home in the different city and then emptying it before your eyes to ensure nothing has been lost. Removals businesses work in a highly well-organized manner, meaning the workers will create records of all the items that they are packing.

Then, they will load all of that into the lorry or truck and safely get it delivered to the new location. These duties also include insurance for the items that are being delivered, which makes it easy for you to rely on the company and not worry about losses that might be dealt with your furniture. 

Tips on How to Get the Best Car Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents are definitely one of the leading causes of injuries in most countries. If you have been hurt in an automobile accident, the consequences can be life-changing.

A good car accident injury lawyer can make a difference in your recovery as well as your right to monetary compensation. Continue reading this article to learn more about an excellent car accident attorney. To know more about the St. Louis car accident attorney, you can go through the web.

As a legal matter, a car accident happens whenever a passenger car is involved in an event or series of events which causes harm, such as property damage, traumatic brain injury or even death. The majority of motor vehicle accidents involved an element of carelessness, corresponding with a traffic law violation.

There are lots of paperwork that you’ll need prior to filing your claim, and there also are some things that you must make sure you do before the case against the other side is began.

Before filing your claim it is necessary that you have checked your insurance policy to ensure that you know the degree of your coverage. This will tell you whether or not the insurance firms will cover a replacement car if needed, whether or not they will take care of your medical expenses, and also the extent of the information you will have to disclose to them with regards to your employment and medical backgrounds.