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The Barbados Summer Arts Festival (BSAF) is envisaged as an annual celebration that will not only showcase the best of Barbados’ art forms through various events, including a competitive process, but also contribute to the development of the arts locally and regionally. This, in turn, will contribute to national and regional development, and complement ongoing and established activities that promote and support the arts.


The vision of the BSAF is to be the premier event for promoting, supporting, and contributing to the development of Barbados’ artistic talent and associated business opportunities, at both national and international levels.

The mission is to produce unique entertainment events, celebrating artistic endeavour and synergies while educating participants, creating new interest for visitors, and promoting economic activity.

The festival will contribute to development of the arts through events that:

  • Expose audiences to the core principles of the selected art forms;
  • Raise awareness of the influence of the arts on quality of life;
  • Create awareness of job types, functions, and possibilities in the various disciplines; and
  • Provide an opportunity for sales, marketing, and development of the tourism product in Barbados and the Caribbean.

The emphasis will be on building capacity of people and institutions aligned with various art forms, and community level involvement. The BSAF will take advantage of the latest technology to reach audiences, highlighting both the successes and challenges of the region. The festival will feature, for various art forms:

  • Workshops and interactive educational sessions on the arts and their economic, social, cultural, and environmental value.
  • Exhibitions and displays, some of which will provide opportunities for artists to promote and sell their products.

Seminars that promote and demonstrate how art can contribute to personal and national productivity and economic advancement.

‘Underlying this need is the recognition that self-expression is required for all forms of social and cultural development’.

Source: ‘Cultural Expressions in the Global Village’, by David Nostbakken and Charles Morrow

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