Different Types of Jewelry Findings

Jewelry findings are a vital part of the jewelry manufacturing process. Clasps, rings, strings, ear pads, and straps etc., are a few examples. There are infinite kinds of findings which you could take advantage of if creating your own jewelry. Here we talk about some of the commonly used ones.

Cable: The cable used in jewelry manufacturing is very robust and pliable and usually is comprised of stainless steel wires and can be coated with plastic.


Clasps: These are the findings which find extensive use in creating the endings of bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, etc. They’re made to secure the piece of jewelry around the wrist, ankle or neck. To secure the piece of jewelry, simply insert the leap ring once the grip is open and then release the lever to close it. To know more about jewelry, contact us now.

Crimp Beads: These crimp beads are generally silver in color and are utilized to slip over knots in cable or ribbon to cover them. They’re utilized to affix the loop at a necklace or bracelet that a jump ring could be attached to it and the ends may be shut.

Earring Wires: These are those which only slide through the piercing on your ear and are fastened with a metal or rubber stopper. They are frequently made from metals such as silver, gold, nickel, etc. and may be adorned with charms or beads to produce trendy earrings.