Glow With The Show

It appears enjoying a night show at Disneyland Resort is much more than only a stunning glow. Imagine watching a series where you aren’t simply a mere spectator, but also have the chance to really add more color and shine to the magical throughout the occasion.

Imagine the bewitching ear-hats which you and other guests ‘ are placing on beginning glowing – playing and dancing together with every musical and educated sequence as the series progress. Glow dance is one of the main attractions in an entertainment show.


And as you’re occupied with these fantasy spectacles (with beautiful colors and aroma ) your luminous ear-hat provides an impressive twist to this spectacular theme because it comes from the lagoon up against the skies and into the crowd.

The bewitching Glow using the Display LED-filled ear-hats are created so that they can jointly sync to pulsate and shine with the series.

The technological puzzle behind this impressive glow notion has an intriguing revelation. According to the Disney technical & creative mind, it is about using infrared technology that affects the whole control infrastructure to the machine.

In addition, the fact that the viewer area is split into as many zones, each capable of delivering particular signals to the hats inside that zone is an exceptional initiative within their technical team.

And the combo of the exceptional serial number associated with every individual that empowers the creative team to restrain the hats both separately and in the group.