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Permanent Hair Loss Due To taxotere

Regardless of this claim made by the manufacturer, many women have reported that they had been not able to regrow hair after being prescribed along with receiving Taxotere remedies. Even years after the remedies, women are asserting they’re still not able to increase hair and Sanofi has been reported to be reluctant to release information or inquire into the claims made by girls.

In December 2015, the FDA upgraded the warning tag for Taxotere to incorporate the unwanted effect “permanent baldness.” Taxotere’s packaging currently states “in certain instances (frequency not understood) permanent baldness was observed.

Absolute hair loss on the scalp and body is a special form of alopecia called alopecia universalis, and is the most frequent hair loss condition reported with Taxotere use. While chemotherapy drugs are expected to eradicate or slow the growth of cancer cells without any risk of permanent side effects, you can file your report for Permanent Hair Loss Lawyer in terms to get required justice.


Sanofi was initially sued by Hattie Carson for neglecting to warn patients or physicians about the true dangers of permanent or long-term handicap.

According to 01-22-2016, Carson’s criticism asserts that Sanofi mislead the general public concerning the dangers involved with its drug Taxotere and also the danger of permanent alopecia, describing it as a “disfiguring illness, particularly for ladies,” and the corporation should have understood that these dangers were “much more than with other goods available to treat the exact same condition.”