What we wear

Barbadians enjoy both dressing up and dressing down. The latter, however, has a totally different connotation here than it does in North America, where it refers to the more casual form of dressing which has become fashionable for the final work day of the week.


For us, dressing down is what we do at the Queen’s Park Christmas morning event, a tradition that has continued for decades. In recent years, the mode of dress has become more elaborate, with the men vying seriously for attention at the annual fashion extravaganza.

Arts In Motion wishes to highlight both our young designers, who are making waves locally and regionally, and the traditional Queen’s Park strutters, who will vie for the ‘pose-off’ prize.

This will be a special treat that will transform the Esplanade area at Hastings into a catwalk for the clash of the traditional and the trendy.

For those who may never have gone to the park on Christmas morning, this is an event not to be missed!

Developing the creative expressions of our people

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