Any horse owner could have discovered that the regular diet of grass, hay, and water does not seem enough to perform to the optimum level.

As a result of their very fast metabolism, they burn up a lot of energy and frequently require a horse supplement to develop sturdy muscles and better stamina. These supplements aren't just foods and vitamins but also vaccinations which will help fight off bacteria and other viruses which may lead to ailments.

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The hay and grass should be clean and dry and free of molds, ingestion decaying grass will lead to serious troubles and diseases. They should also be swallowing clean and fresh water. Ideally, they should be fed three times a day exactly like human beings.

The amount of food that should be consumed daily ought to be equal or more than 4% of their horse's overall weight, however, this is only a rough quote.

Only qualified equine veterinarians may ascertain how much food a horse ought to take based on its health, age, and current weight. Additionally, the purpose meant for the horse will even ascertain how much horse and food supplement it ought to take.

Horses also require much space so that they can exercise and run. It's not prudent to keep it at a stall for extended periods since it might later develop difficult behavior.

They need mental stimulation, which may be achieved in case your animal is free to ramble and satisfy its fascination. In addition, they need companionship and this is why they should have access to other equestrians.