Small pressure relief valve solenoid is an electromagnetic device that regulates the flow of media, usually water or gas. 

A spring may also be used which holds the valve in the open or closed position when not activated. The diaphragm is used to keep media from across the valve. The pressure is equal on both sides of the diaphragm valves that shut off from any flow. For more information on solenoid valve and it’s products, visit

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The small pressure relief valve solenoid has so many small working parts. Although this is rare, it is sometimes necessary to know the basics of how to serve them. If one of the holes in the diaphragm becomes clogged somehow, this can seriously impair the device is working properly. 

One easy way you can test whether or not a small pressure relief valve solenoid your work is to switch them on and off and listen for a click, which is an increase of diaphragm and lower. 

If after cleaning the hydraulic solenoid valve and it turns out that they work perfectly now, then something of your water supply may be clogged. 

Probably in your best interest to have a filter installed upstream of the valve so that it does not become a recurring event. Because the cost of replacement of the pressure relief valve solenoid little more expensive than the cost of one of these filters, you will come out ahead in the end.