Indian food is a diverse mix of countless cultures, layered with exotic, but healthy spices.

The Persians and the Arabs left behind the art of thick gravies and use of cashews and almonds in food while the Britishers gave India its favorite "chai".

With the vast array of mixtures available from other areas of India, it may amaze even a connoisseur. You can also look for Indian fusion restaurant via

Though Indian food is one of the most wanted ones on the planet, in addition, it carries with it numerous myths.

From being greasy to unhealthy, many reports are weaved which makes people skeptical about moving forward with it.


However, what many people don't know is that the spices used while preparing them are very healthy and beneficial to the body.

Indian restaurants leave no rock unturned in boosting the taste and experience alike. With intricate decoration and correctly planned insides, anyone who walks will feel like house and cherish the meals.

As the food is packed with spices, they're also rich sources of minerals and vitamins that help the human body fight diseases like arthritis, cancer, depression, etc..

The rich proteins within the foods used in India for example legumes, lentils, kidney beans, etc are quite great for the heart.

Ingredients like garlic powder or haldi are great for skin whereas others like lemon and besan are great for hairs.

Thus, dining in a vegetarian restaurant won't simply prove for a yummy family trip, but also make sure that nobody's health is disregarded.