The primary benefit of measuring the SOD area before installation is that you have to pay the amount for the exact area only and the turf will completely fit the soil surface without any loss of new SOD grass.

You can provide the details of the measurements to the SOD installing contractor in South Jersey so that the contractor can bring certainly sized grass for your ground.

After testing the soil and taking measures the next step is to mix the organics into the ground. You should need to remove rocks and garbage from the ground and excavate the organics in it. Organics will help water retention and help the grass to grow naturally and appropriately.

The organics make the soil healthy and facilitate it for SOD installation without any problem. After spreading organics and seeds into the ground, the contractor will unroll the SOD grass and lay it on the ground.

One thing is important during the SOD installation that must be installed carefully so that there is no space for air to enter the soil. It can affect the growth of grass, and you may not get the desired results.

After installing the SOD grass completely, it is necessary to roll the lawn with a heavy roller so that it can attach with the soil properly. Sprinkling the required quantity of water on SOD grass is also very essential to get appropriate growth of grass to get a lovely looking lawn or garden in your backyard.