Web sites are considered the virtual face of business and especially for online businesses, it is very important to have a website that has the user-friendly attributes and navigation tools specified. However, the existence of website traffic is of no use and therefore important to make a website search engine friendly. You can hire website design company in Singapore from various online sources.

There are several aspects that explain website visibility on the internet and in this case, search engine optimization services help websites to get a productive online presence, while increasing their organic ranking.

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SEO services combine several on-page and off-page techniques that are implemented to make the website indexed for search engine crawlers. Friendly web design SEO is one of the important processes that lay the foundation of all inclusive SEO campaigns.

Say NO to Frames – Spider Search Engines, like in flash, finds it difficult to browse through websites that use frames. Content in the frame is not seen by search engine spiders. However, if you consider using Frames as an absolute necessity, you can use tags and. By using this tag, at least search engine spiders can index some page content.

It is recommended to use keywords in the webpage URL and also in website directories and folders. For example, if your web page describes an affordable web development service for your company, then you can use this optimized file name – 'yourwebsite.com/ affordable web development services.php'.

It is also important to use keywords that are examined in web page heading tags. It doesn't matter if the h1 tag, h2 tag, or h3 tag of the keywords examined in the header tag will help in increasing the relevance of the keywords being researched on the web page, this will ultimately help in better web page rank.